What is a registered Training Organisation?

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is a company that is registered to deliver nationally recognised qualifications. RTO’s have to meet criteria defined in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF), and are audited against the criteria regularly.

What are Training Packages?

A Training Package is a set of nationally endorsed competency standards, qualifications and assessment guidelines for a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise: When you obtain a qualification from a training package, the qualification is recognised around Australia.

What are nationally recognised qualifications?

A nationally recognised qualification is recognised in all states and territories. They are identified by the ‘Nationally Recognised Training’ logo.

What is the Australian Quality Training Framework?

The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) is the quality framework that guides the activities of Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s). RTO’s are audited against the standards defined in the AQTF, covering all aspects of their business from learning and assessment, to processes for recordkeeping, staff qualifications, financial processes and privacy

What does ‘mixed mode delivery’ mean?

Mixed mode delivery simply means that you undertake learning via a combination of delivery methods. This might include classroom based training, mixed with self-paced learning, computer based learning, on job learning, tutorials, research, workbooks or similar.

What are “Enrolment Fees”?

An Enrolment Fees are to cover the administration costs of your course.

What is “Fee for Service” Training?

This is training where the payment is made directly between the user and the training provider. Usually in this case, there are no incentives applicable and you pay a fee for the training delivered. An example of this is a targeted short course or a specific need you may have such as a ’Manual Handling Refresher’ course.

Do I get a certificate for completing a course?

Yes. Providing you achieve competency, you will be awarded a qualification plus an academic transcript which lists all of the units you have completed and the result.

Do I need to ‘pass’ to get a certificate?

We measure your results in terms of competent or not yet competent. There is no pass or fail. You are either competent (i.e. you have the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to perform a task or function) or you are not yet competent (i.e. Further ‘Gap’ training is required).

What happens if I ‘fail’ a course?

If you are deemed ‘not yet competent’ you will be offered reassessment, or your unit outcome will simply be ‘not yet competent’ on your transcript.

I already have skills and experience.? Do I need to complete a course to gain a certificate?

No. Most companies will offer a recognition of prior learning (RPL) option.

Am I too old to study?

Vocational training is open to people of all ages.

Why do some training companies charge different fees to other companies?

Training companies are commercial businesses and can set their own fees for courses. Fees are usually reflective of venues, amount of classroom based training and other variables such as resources provided.

However, where the course is offered under a funded arrangement, the participant fee is the same regardless of the company you choose.

Are the courses the same regardless of the training company?

The competency standards used and the qualification issued means the same thing regardless of the company you choose.

What might differ are:

  • The units that are selected to make up the qualification
  • The method of training
  • The skills of the trainer
  • Venues
  • Assessment methods
  • Funding arrangements
  • Time taken to complete the qualification

What does competent mean?

Competency means that you have the appropriate combination of skills, knowledge and attitudes required to undertake a particular task or function.

What if I can’t find a course?

Keep in touch with us to be the first to hear about upcoming courses.

Am I eligible for government funding in order to complete a course?

This depends on the nature of the government funding. Some programs, such as new apprenticeships, have specific eligibility requirements based on how long you have been in employment and similar. Other programs, such as those funded under the Federal and NSW might be targeted to specific groups, such as mature aged people, or people with a disability.

Sometimes funding is based on the industry, particularly for new and emerging industries, and there are no specific eligibility requirements apart from being an NSW resident.

Check with us for specific advice regarding the funding that applies to courses.

What if I have a complaint regarding a training company?

Complaints regarding training companies should be directed in the first instance to the training company concerned to allow them to respond and possibly address your concerns. Alternatively, you might wish to contact the state training authority (http://www.asqa.com.au)

A new national complaints code, strengthening the quality of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system was recently launched by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).

The Code, agreed by the Commonwealth, States and Territories, highlights the service standards consumers can expect from training providers and regulators.

The National Code of Good Practice for Responding to Complaints about Vocational Education and Training Quality (‘the Code’) seeks to ensure prompt action and consistency in all responses to complaints about training.

The NSW Department of Education works to monitor the quality of VET. Responsive complaints management by RTOs is a key part of the quality assurance system in place here in NSW. The Australian Quality Training Framework requires RTOs to have an effective and transparent complaints handling process in place.

VET consumers who have grievances with their training organisation are to lodge their complaint directly with that organisation in the first instance. Should consumers still feel their complaint is un-resolved, they should contact ASQA www.asqa.com.au ?for advice on further action.

A copy of the National Complaints Code is available on request.

Can I choose my own training company?

Of course you can. However, if you are enrolling as a trainee or apprentice, you should discuss selection of the training company with your employer. They may already have arrangements in place with a specific company

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our organisation, please don’t hesitate to?contact us at contact@brighten.edu.au

Are the qualifications you offer?approved by Centrelink?

Yes they are.?All qualifications offered by the?Brighten Institute Australia are approved by the Australian Government Department of Human Service?for Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance and Pensioner Education Supplement. We suggest discussing this with Centrelink to determine your eligibility.

Can I complete my qualification in less than 12 months?

Yes you can. All of our qualifications are self-paced and supported by a dedicated Trainer assigned to you who works at your pace.

Are your qualifications Nationally Recognised Qualifications?

Yes they are. Brighten Institute Australia is a Nationally Registered Training Organisation Provider No: 41148 and are registered on the National Government Training and Qualification Website www.training.gov.au

We always recommend that you check that your Training Provider is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and not a third party broker acting on behalf of an RTO. Training Providers who are not a?RTO?cannot?issue a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

Why are your qualifications less expensive than other training providers?

At Brighten Institute Australia we believe in?“Affordable Education”.

We offer online promotions throughout the year to ensure that our students are?not?paying over inflated prices that some training providers charge. The price advertised is for the full qualification to be completed within 12 months with?no?hidden charges.

Are there any hidden charges?

Definitely not, all prices advertised on our website are the full price for each qualification. We believe in being 100% transparent in all advertising and pricing.

Are your online learning materials truly online as many training providers say they are but they are only PDF files I can download or are they sent to me on a memory stick?

All our online training resources are 100% online, which means you can access your learning materials 24/7 and save your work online as you go. You can access your online learning via your Smart Phone, Tablet, IPad, Desktop Computer, Laptop or MAC Computer.

You will have access to your very own online learning space where you can view all the learning resources you need to successfully complete your qualification at your own pace.

Once enrolled, your online learning will be activated and you will be introduced to your dedicated Trainer and Assessor.

Your Trainer and Assessor will work with you throughout your learning journey via phone, email or online. We will provide you with support and guidance to ensure that you become qualified with confidence.

All online learning resources are updated regularly to meet industry standards.

Once you have successfully completed your qualification you will still continue to have access to your online learning materials for your records and reference purposes.

How do I know I can trust the Brighten Institute Australia?

We are a customer centric organisation with all staff that follow and live this philosophy. We have over 4 decades of industry experience in Adult Education with a goal to ensure that our student’s needs are met.

What resources do I need to complete my online studies?

  • Any?of the following technologies: Smart Phone, Tablet, IPad, Desktop Computer, Laptop or MAC Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Email address
  • Adobe Reader & Adobe Flash Player
  • Basic Microsoft suite or equivalent
  • Printer

Is the Brighten Institute Australia website secure?

Yes it is. Brighten Institute Australia, we respect your privacy and the securing and integrity of all of the information that you provide to us. Any information you provide to us is completely protected and is kept totally confidential.

How long do I have to complete my qualification?

All qualifications have the duration of twelve months to complete from the date of enrolment. We recommend completing 1 unit of competency per month.

Can I get an extension?

Yes you can. You can apply for a one, three or six month extensions. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your student handbook for more information.

What support will I get to complete my qualification?

You will be assigned a dedicated Trainer and Assessor who will be able to give you guidance and feedback on the units that you are studying, have completed, and have submitted for assessment.

How long does it take before I get my certificate?

Once you have achieved Competency in the final unit within your qualification, your certificate will be issued and posted to you via express post within ten working days.

Who will issue my certificate?

Brighten Institute Australia (RTO ID 41148) will. Only Registered Training Organisations can issue Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

How can I pay for my qualification?

We accept payment via Paypal, Credit / Debit Card, or by direct Bank Deposit, over the phone, or online.

Are my credit card details retained by

after I have paid for my qualification?

Not at all. To protect your details we hold no records of your credit card details or do we have access to this information after your payment has been made.

What about student support?

We provide a range of student support services from the start until you graduate from your course.


Special Needs

Please discuss any health issues which may affect your training and assessment with the instructor prior to attending.

Candidates with special needs are advised to email contact@brighten.edu.au prior to booking so that reasonable adjustments to training and assessment can be contemplated.

Language Literacy and Numeracy

In the case of the 5 hour accredited course, students will need to be able to follow and recall instructions and information provided by the trainer so that they can complete activities that will be assessed. The activities will include demonstrating practical skills competently and recording answers to written questions. Written questions are asked via multiple choice questions, true/false questions and short answer questions given in class.

Fair Treatment & Equal Opportunity Policy and Procedure

(Access and Equity)

We do not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, colour, sex, or religion.

All students are treated equally. Our instructors will assist and support students where appropriate, especially those students with language, literacy, or physical disabilities, as long as the nature of the disability does not preclude them from completing the training and assessment. We do not tolerate discriminatory behaviour from students in any of our classes.

Any issues or questions raised regarding access and equity can be directed to the CEO.